Eid Hadhiya

I give you laughter.

I give you weird.

I give you [drum roll please] Ollie's sleeping position No: XD


  1. rifu...da gr8... said...

    aaaaaaaaaaalheyyy!!! :P
    lil froookie ollickle! :D [waa? i juz made her a sweeet leeetul nick name] such n angel eii? *foni* :P
    n she was actually comfortable dat way? :O  

  2. Anonymous said...

    lol u must find rats cute too. not that that's a problem.  

  3. MrGollhabe MV said...

    eeeeeeeeeeeeek, a RAT
    help help heeeeeeelp, hehehehe  

  4. shweetikle said...

    alhe eyna kandhuraa vaalheh ves nuveytha?!

  5. paranoid.android said...

    oh boy, oh boy, a rat! Thought it would be, erm a cat or something, but it's a rat, oh my, it's as they say the world is changing, "germany now says PEACE, the best rapper is white, the best golfer is black", and now the best pets are rats, that's a rat, is it?
    No hard feelings, but still is it a rat? Say No please?  

  6. SoE said...

    maybe you should take some pictures of ...her? and macro em? like lolcats but only..lolsters?  

  7. Yaamyn said...

    Hehe. cute.  

  8. The Shadowrunner said...

    to all the who dont know what Ollie is... It's a fucking hamster, you uneducated fucknuts!.

    BEST LAUGH I HAD ALL DAY. Thanks anonymous for proving that most Maldivians need some eugenics to clean the gene pool.  

  9. Anonymous said...

    shadowrunner, you asshole. not everybody knows what a hamster is.  

  10. Anonymous said...

    give us somthing other than a hamster's ass :S  

  11. The Shadowrunner said...

    @anonymous: And those who don't know what a hamster is Lebensunwertes Leben (unworthy of living).

    @anonymous: geez you lazy retard. The internet is for porn, if you want some, go find some - dammnit!.  

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