See, that lil red circle? See, the lil glow?? THATS creepy!

the two pictures were taken mere split seconds away from each other. 

and i have NO FRIGGING logical explanation for what that glow is!!!!!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Oh for god's sakes its the headlights of the plane (you seen in below just about the same place as the glow, offset a bit to right) when taking a turn.  

  2. Anonymous said...

    its allah for godsakes alaahuakbard!  

  3. nass said...

    that can't be a plane..  

  4. Anonymous said...

    it must be the Flying Spaghetti Monster!  

  5. shweetikle said...

    an ali gulha? :P
    orrrrr a shooting moon? :P  

  6. Vanilla said...

    ... and it seems too bright to be the ISS. On Friday 13th Feb the ISS would have passed over Male' with a magnitude of about -2.3 and would have been brighter than any other star in the sky at that time. The only object that could have outshined it would have been the moon or venus, but venus would not have been up at that time. The ISS would also have moved very fast being visible only for about 5 minutes. But judging by the picture it seems too bright to be the ISS... then again this being a picture with no background stars it is hard to get a feel for the brighness. Also the timing doesn't seem right. On what date did you take this picture? is the time stamp accurate? What was the approximate direction and elevation of the object? The time stamp seems unreasonable for 15th Feb. There was similarly bright overpass on the 7th Feb just after 7pm. How would you describe the brightness of the object as seen by the naked eye?

    Nass, why do you say that it can't be a plane? A plane seems to me to be the most plausible explanation?  

  7. bulhaa said...

    it was taken on the 12th. thursday.

    and i didnt see it with my naked eye coz i had my eye plastered to the camera. didnt even notice the thing until i played back.  

  8. Anonymous said...

    Vanilla, you an astronaut who just happened to pass by Bulhaa's blog? Is that NASA's expert opinion on this? heh heh. Anyway, your analysis of ISS whereabouts in great detail was humorous. Thanks.  

  9. nishan said...

    if its a plane, you might have taken the picture just about the time when light of the plane flashed. in the other one, the light went off.

    but that cannot be proven unless you observed the same spot for an air plane with a flashing light right?  

  10. M said...

    u r all wrong

    its IRON-MAN!!!

    ok ok so
    in reality this just might be a weird lens flare
    look at the angle with the moon
    in both images it line up through the center  

  11. Mohamed said...

    think this should be proof enough to ease ur mind


    nothing in the real scene could create that perfect alignments

    then again u r free to believe in whatever ^_^  

  12. Anonymous said...

    no no guys dont try to rational u just saw god is all!!!  

  13. S said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  14. Anonymous said...

    Dear S,

    Don't know why you removed your comment which I am posting below because I want to reply to it:

    "DCJ--are you so insecure so as to link tongue-in-cheek blogposts to your rabid hate of religion?

    Such a typical Maldivian you are."

    We can easily see who is insecure -- me or you Salafiyya guys.

    Making fun of God does not mean one has a rabid hate of religion. It shows that we have a sense of humor which cant quite be said of SERIOUS people like you.

    Everybody can see who the typical Maldivian here is.

    Does that answer your ponderings?  

  15. moyameehaa said...

    maybe mohamed is right. i mean the blogger mohamed who commented here.its the best answer i could find here. then again, i dunno much about cameras.and Vanilla, wow, what are you?

    i really want to believe it is the invicible pink unicorn's work. or like M said its iron man. but from the angle of that circled light, it somehow looks like a hole. you know.. a tiny(huge?) cosmic pinhole.a portal to the otherside.someone out their was peeping at you.uh oh.  

  16. Warm Pixels said...

    lens flare  

  17. The Shadowrunner said...

    FUCK!. Someone has found out about my top secret hyper-sonic miniature cruise missile tests!.  

  18. Anonymous said...

    wow, great catch! seriously!  

  19. http://gogames2010.blogspot.com said...

    lets just hope it's a cute little martians thats coming to us  

  20. Anonymous said...

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  21. Shahana said...

    aha, UFO?  

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