Woody and Blobs

they havn't died....yet...
Woody and Blobs by ~bulhaa on deviantART

guys, women complain when u dont give them attention, and when even when you do

girls, men will never understand what we mean


  1. .mini said...

    nice to see them back ^.^  

  2. Ameer said...

    ooo yay! me been waitin for this for how long i forgot... hmmm YAY ..*jumpig around with joy*  

  3. shweetikle said...

    it seems that even einstein didnt get to understand women :P  

  4. Anonymous said...

    woody IS like thoamy O_O

    you need to teach me how to create categories within a blog >_>


  5. Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  6. Anonymous said...


  7. moyameehaa said...

    hmm.atlast.and to be honest, i really dint get this one. :(

    how YOU doin.hehe.  

  8. alex said...

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  9. Anonymous said...

    i liked this cartoon characters....


  10. Bak said...
  11. Anonymous said...
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