Me: "Hullo konthaneh tho?"
Her: "Aadhe."
Me: "Hullo? Konthaneh tho?"
Her: "Aadhe."

I kid you not.


  1. moyameehaa said...


  2. ma mee hinyeh said...

    retards = cheap labour  

  3. Hilath said...

    Either she wasn't listening to you at all or it was a BOT. Now this should be news to Jaa if Maldives govt has started employing robots already, albeit unintelligent ones. Erm, where's that artificial intelligence chip? :)  

  4. SoE said...

    ooops..they must have forgotten to read the instructions :P  

  5. shaffan said...

    must have been Eliza  

  6. Simon said...

    She's from the Aneh Dhivehi Raaje where she assumes callers will know exactly where they have dialed.

    Me: Hullo, konthaaku tho miothee?
    Them: Gahuga  

  7. The Shadowrunner said...

    My apologies. I was testing a zombification virus in that building. I humbly apologize if this caused any consternation for you.  

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  11. Control Freak said...

    True, true, I hate calling that place. I recently had to team up with a bunch of people who work there so unfortunately there had to be a lot of correspondence.
    The first time I went there the lady at the reception pointed to a door labeled 'STAFF ONLY' and told me to "Get in there". Charming, eh?  

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  41. //Sub/Corpus said...

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    Also, you might wanna do some comment moderation ... :)  

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